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2014-08-04 10:31:02
What is a rental scam?

We got a call from a woman last week who was in the process of being pulled into a rental scam, she emailed back and fourth with someone but never actually talked to or met an actual person.  The scammer was able to get all of her work history information as well her current home address, but she luckily saw enough red flags to look further into the home. 

The way these scams work is the scammer will find a home that is listed for sale by a real estate agent and the home will be vacant.  The scammer will take all of the information from the for ad and create their 'for rent' ad.  They will list the rent amount far, far below market value and they will wait for your call.  When they get in contact with you they will usually tell you they're unavailable to meet and tell you to look through the windows.  Then they will ask for a deposit as well as first month's rent.  They will have you send the money to them Western Union or have you send a cashier's check to a PO BOX.  You will then never heard from them again, and there is no way to trace the money and you're out thousands. 

When looking for a rental property do your due diligence, be sure you speak with and meet a real person.... if the deal seems too good to be true, it usually is.  Beware!

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