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2014-05-13 15:29:28
Our house needs staging; agent now or after?

I recommend having the agent see the property and let them tell you which things will make a difference in your market and price range. Agents can look beyond the daily living in a home, buyers can not. They can tell you if things need to be rearranged,moved or just picked up. That project you always wanted to have done may not change your value or it may make a huge difference. Your Agent should walk though the house and help you make a list of items to do and how to showcase the best features.  It also depends on what kind of home you have, whether that be a condo, townhouse, or single family home.

When I go thru a home with the owner we discuss in every area what needs to be done and the 'little tricks' to make that area looks its best. Separately photography should be done with a good quality camera and you should be able to review the photos and print information so you know what is being said about your home and that only appropriate things show. A wrinkle in the bedspread is a concern for some and not for others - it is your home and you need to be comfortable with the presentation.

Also taking photos on different days in different light allows for advertising to be directed to different groups of buyers. This time of year the yard is critical for presentation.

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